breathe. rise. awaken.



A Raj Yoga, lineage that infuses yogic kriyas, mantra, meditations and dynamic breath-work to awaken the kundalini energy (the primal force of creation).

Her divine body of work has threaded many lifetimes of deep Vedic wisdom rippled with avatar encounters to a melange of holy initiations and mystic studies.

Since founding her studio 16 years ago - after a cosmic vision in Sri Lanka awakened her destiny, Kimilla has toured the world sharing seeds of inspiration to thousands and kindled a cult international following.

Having been a visionary in the digital realm, Kimilla has produced a library of online Kundalini workshops curated for modern wellness. A process that under celestial guidance has always been at the core of her art form.

From Amritsar to Machu Picchu, she has gravitated to potent energy centres on the earth hosting high-end retreats and gathering indigenous knowledge to beam out to her students that tune in online from many lands.

Now based in Australia, Kimilla has been summoned to welcome the Age of Aquarius with a new offering of in-studio and digital workshops to raise the vibration and awaken the world. You’re invited to breathe into grace.